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Executive Summary

Experience the evolution of Web3 Gaming and Esports!
Official compendium for Arcus, last updated November 2022. All contents are subject to change.
As the world moves towards the decentralized Web3 era, it is essential to find ways to bring Esports gamers from Web2 into the new ecosystem. While many gamers may not be familiar with the technology behind blockchain and Web3, it is important to educate them on the benefits and opportunities that exist within this space.
One way to bring Esports gamers into Web3 is by creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of buying and selling virtual assets. Additionally, hosting tournaments that incorporate Web3 technology can help familiarize players with the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology.
Collaboration with game developers and publishers can also help bridge the gap between the two worlds. By integrating Web3 technology into existing games, developers can introduce players to the benefits of blockchain without the need for additional education.
It is also important to emphasize the community aspect of Web3 and encourage gamers to connect with others in the space. This can help create a sense of belonging and excitement around the new ecosystem.
Ultimately, education, user-friendly interfaces, and collaboration are key to bringing Web2 Esports gamers into the Web3 space. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and thriving gaming ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Arcus Web3 Ecosystem

🏹 Esports Tournament Ready!
🏹 Intense, Fun, real-time and arena based
🏹 Multiple game modes
🏹 NFT Game Asset: Warriors, Weapon, Arcusian Ether
🏹 Play and Earn
🏹 Digital Advertisement and Marketing
🏹 Merchandise Features
🏹 Social Finance
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